Sunday, 11 March 2018


Hello everyone,
Well what a difference a week makes the snow is gone and spring is here .
The birds are singing and making nests I can see them carrying twigs around , also the blue tits are looking inside the bird houses .
The garden seems to have made a recovery just lost a few plants but all in all not to bad.

Thank you for all the lovely comments from the last post , we did get out for a nice lunch this week to celebrate our Anniversary.

Today is Mothers day here in the UK  so have a happy day to all mother's , my daughter sent me a lovely card, she is working but we will get together soon.

Well I have put some of my paints to use on a frame and the other paints I will show next week , something I made for my sweet friend Sally when we get together very soon.
So first up -

Gourmet Garden.
Stitched on 28ct in cream 
DMC threads.

The frame was just a touch small but the other one was just a little to big .
This paint you just dab it on to cover.

Do you like my painted frame 
It was a white frame 

Lovely card from my daughter .
We are going to lunch soon and meeting with my GD .

Garden is picking up again . 

My Camelia is budding again.

Enjoy your week everyone .

Friday, 2 March 2018


 Hi friends ,
Well we are staying in because we can't go anywhere .
Our road is a no go area right now due to snow and Ice.
It's just started to snow again , on top of ice will be so dangerous .
No schools and no work for many .
But they are all in the park having a great time on their sledges even coming down our road .

All my plants look dead , so looks like I will lose allot of my best plants , never mind I will look after what is left.
Ok lets get to my stitching , I have a few things to show .
The next two I stitched but never got to finish them so they will go in my box until it gets warmer , too cold in my craft room.

             This chart has been in my box for ages .
     Someone gave it to me I think it was a freebie.

        Stitched on a dusky pink 28 evenweave using
                           variegated thread.

This one is a LHN called "Loving you "
I used var threads on a Salmon pink evenweave .

 Next up my SAL 
 February  .

I also Stitched  a little more on one of my UFOs 
Sarah Kay. 

And another UFO from my box 
A pillow from New stitches mag 48 

Well the weekend will be our 51st Anniversary .
And last year we both had flu on our 50th and now we are snowed in would you believe .
But we will make the best of it.

51 years together .
My lovely friend Nancy no blog sent me this lovely gift .
thank you my friend .

              lovely flower books to stitch from.
                     Ok last week we saw this .

 And now this !

                    I put Apple out for the birds

My poor pink Camellia 

This is my craft room and they are not frosted window it's ice .

Every window in my sun room is frozen up

Thank you once again for all the lovely comments.
Stay warm and safe dear friends Spring will be here soon.  

Saturday, 24 February 2018

We have Spring ! but not for long.

Hello to all my friends , 
What a beautiful sunny day today the sun is shining the birds a singing the sweetest of songs , and boy it makes you feel good.
But yes we have winter heading back to us from Russia it is going to get very cold this week maybe even some snow with it.
I was a little late getting up today , last night we were out with some friends having a meal , and when we were about to leave some friends from the past came to talk to us , so we never got to bed until 1.00 so needed to catch up a little ha.
Well I have been stitching and playing with those paints and will show you soon.
I have also been blessed with a couple of gifts one from my sweet friend Ann we were not able to see each other till this week so I had a lovely late Christmas parcel of goodies , and this morning from my friend Titty a lovely Valentines gift arrived , I am so bless with so many lovely caring friends .
So first up I showed you my needle box in a past post.
Now I have made a pin box YES I have so many pins and wanted to put them all together .

 Stitched on 28ct linen and using a mix of threads .

 This is one of our friends Dany's charts , you know how much I love her designs. This one is called Cussin Aiguilles, I could do one now for my scissors .

This is just a few I found so now I need to gather them all to fit into my box then I can find them ! when I need too.

And now my lovely gifts from my dear friend for many years Ann ( no blog ) 

 lovely gift Ann thank you so much , I will enjoy using the materials and ribbons , they are just beautiful , and love the Christmas tree and love the candle too . I will look forward to using them the end of the year.
And look at this beautiful box Ann made for me .

 Beautiful stitching and what a lovely verse .
And wait when I opened the box look at these sweet glass bubbles , beautiful pastel colours.

Thank you Ann from the bottom of my heart.
And this morning the postman came and what a lovely gift from my lovely friend Titty from Italy (no blog) 
A Valentine's gift .

 Titty always wraps her gifts so beautifully , and inside.

 Wow lovely chocolate and beautiful heart material.
Thank you also my sweet friend for your kindness .
                Love and kisses to you both .
 Well I did say Spring was with us this week and here is a peek at my wall garden I planted .

             It's really starting to come alive .
            And here are a few flowers I picked to bring Spring inside for the weekend.

They smell so sweet.

Thank you again for such wonderful comments .
And I wish you all a wonderful stitching weekend. 

Saturday, 17 February 2018


Dear friends,
Hope you are enjoying you day , it's been very nice here this morning and I worked in the garden for an hour this morning . It's a bit early but I needed to get outside in the fresh air and I loved it.
So this week has been a crazy busy week lots of appointments, our date day out for lunch and yesterday I went with a few friends to the craft and stitching show.
Not allot of cross stitching there but I brought some lovely bits and bobs.
Thank you for your lovely comments last week you really are the best friends. 
So first up a little gift I stitch for a lovely lady who is catching up with me, ha.
I stitched this one for Barb I know she just loves sheep .
little abc's sheep folk art pottery .
From Cross Country Stitching magazine Feb 25 2003 

Stitched on a 28ct cream even weave with dmc threads.
Just a few things I brought yesterday at the show.

I did buy some thing new that I can show you soon that's what the paint is for , so watch this space.

This book is lovely I had to buy it .
Here are a few pages from inside.

We had a lovely Valentines .

No red roses I wanted these daffodil's and they are fragrant 

  And here in all it's glory one of my favorite plants

 Have a wonderful weekend all I am ready I sit and stitch
now, or shall I knit ! one or the other.