Saturday, 25 March 2017


Thank you dear friends for all your lovely comments and hello to my new followers hope you all enjoy my little space , you are always  so welcome .
I love to share my stitching and crafts with you and my other hobby my garden.
The garden is bursting into life buds are forming and you can almost see the flowers opening  in front of you I can now see bluebells , forget -me -not and lots of my favourite flowers forming ready to visit me again, oh how I do love Spring .
You are not going to believe this but I have rose buds forming ! 
Tonight our clocks go forward so it will stay lighter at night time and, tomorrow here in the UK it's mothers day so my header is dedicated to my mother this week.
So lets get on with my stitching bits.
First up is a little gift I sent to my sweet friend Ann , she loves it and it is hanging on her dresser , Happy Birthday my friend.

Shepherds Bush --- Come Home -- stitched on 28ct and var threads.

             And I finished this one for my friend Sally 

 I showed it a few weeks ago on my blog if you want to go back and see information.
I told you that I started a new WIP here is a little peep.
I will show more next time and tell you all about it.
I fell in love with this one the moment I saw it.

I cut a few flowers today and put them in my mothers favourite cup, the forget-me-not cup 
I hope she will be looking down and I will light a candle for her tomorrow.

Take my hand and lets go outside to see the spring delights.

                           And below the first rose bud I found about eight of them .
                       So I wonder are we going to have roses in April !

Well that's about it , I am almost better now .
Just the odd day I feel very tired ,but happy to say I am doing more. Have a good week all .

Sunday, 19 March 2017


Hello everyone ,
Hope you are all having a nice weekend. 
Here the sun has just popped out and I think it is a little warmer.

Yes I still have this virus hanging around ,  I feel good for two days then it is back again , but I am slowly getting better.

Yesterday we went out to Ashburton town it is out in the country a bit , we went to this beautiful church ,  build in the 12 century wow it was so pretty I have never seen so many beautiful glass stained windows. 
They had just put down a new floor and they were telling us they found some bones in there , people use to be buried under the church floor years ago if they were important . 
The service was lovely and some wonderful singers the one man well his voice was beautiful,  singing" Bring Him Home ". My hubby was in tears again , but it was so emotional .

The garden is really blooming now with spring flowers and new leaves on many plants and leaves  I am sure it is far to early , but I don't mind love to have a early spring .
I have a new WIP I am going to start today to give me a lift I know you are saying not another one,  but yes this is so cute and pretty I want to start it right  NOW.
I will rotate with my others too.
So will show you next week. 
Well the sun has gone already , and it is a little windy now .
Maybe we will get some rain ! Ok lets get some photos up for you

                                       Winter Pansy.

 I found this one in an old Cross Stitch Collection mag from January 2006 !
I stitched it on white sparkle 28ct with Dmc threads .
                               My WIP from last time.

 and now .

looks like I didn't stitch much but it took allot of time with all the colour changes in this one.
Lets go outside and see what I can find before I start my stitching.

Thank you once again for all your lovely comments .
Hope you have a lovely Sunday and if you are stitching , knitting , or gardening enjoy your self.

Saturday, 11 March 2017


Hello friends ,
Just want to thank you for all your lovely comments , blessings , cards,  gifts , and well wishes after my last post,  what wonderful friends you all are.
Well we are allot better but still not 100% yet this flu virus is a bad one alright.
Well what do you know I think Spring is here at last , I even worked in the garden for an hour ! then came inside and fell in my chair ha. 
My daughter came and worked on my nails and polished them so have to be careful and wear some gloves outside when I garden.
We did get out to lunch one day which was a nice change , after spending weeks inside.
So you think I have been stitching away, well no , I stitched some but not allot to show this week , one is a gift so will show soon and this other one is a freebie .
    So here is the freebie I thought it was so cute you can find it 
  I stitched this one on a soft grey evenweave. 
Not to sure how to finish it yet , so it will go in my basket ready for making up soon. 

               And just a little stitching on one of my WIPs .

This one is full of colour it is a joy to stitch on.
Just before lunch I cut a few spring flowers from the garden .

The smell is wonderful .
Devon violets below I know Barb had some out well before mine 
I think the slugs love them

 We had loads of flowers last week from friends and family here are a few.

Lots of chocolate's , candles, rabbits and gifts.
Here are just a few of the lovely cards.

lots of beautiful home made ones too.

 I will leave you with the first hints of Spring now on a walk in the week .
Have a wonderful week enjoy some stitching or your hobbies  what ever you are doing .
Hoping the sun will be shining for you.

Spring is here don't miss it take time to enjoy.

Friday, 3 March 2017


  Hello friends ,
Well what a week , I really have felt poorly but happy to say I am feeling allot better , and what do you know yes hubby got it . So now I am looking after myself and hubby, happy days . ☺
So we have cancelled our meal and it will be a night by the fire and TV for our big night.
Never mind things happen nothing you can do about it,  we can go out another time.
Well I really didn't feel up to much this week but will show you what I managed to get done .
My February ornament .
                       Another freebie from Linen flowers .
                 I stitched it on a minty green 28ct using dmc threads 
                       You can find the chart Here.

 And back to my Summer Nesting box 
by Vervaco this is in kit form .

         And I am still knitting lots of cut off gloves for gifts
                   next Christmas.

All ready boxed for Christmas I have already knitted 8 pairs and need to knit about 25 more .

                                       50 YEARS 
Yes it's 50 years since we were married tomorrow , oh boy where have those years gone , seems like yesterday .
Just a few photos of life in the last 50 yrs  .
Most of my photos are packed away so if we are lucky enough to get another 50 yrs I will get them out ha. 

I do

 We have had a ball many good times plus sad times.
Many ups and downs in life , but that's what makes you stronger.

It's been a blast

 First Grand baby 


 The little one is also on photo below .

We now have 5 Grand children and they all have their own families.

So time moves on with 7 GGC.

We always dreamed big and most of our dreams came true .
But not all .
The loss of our daughter broke our hearts but time heals.
And we know she will be looking down on us tomorrow 

This post has brought me a few tears so will leave you with a walk into the garden .

Thank you friends for your lovely comments each time  you pop other to my blog .
I always love to read and talk to you all .
Take care and have a lovely weekend .