Sunday, 14 January 2018


Hello to all my friends ,
Hope you are now stitching away into the New Year , I have been stitching away when I have had the time.
This week I have received two Christmas gifts how lucky I am to have such beautiful gifts .
One from Italy and one from the US .
It is always so exciting to open gifts from aboard the wrapping paper , cards and gifts are always so different and I get so excited , my DH said your like a little girl when you get a package ha.
 Our weather this week has not been too bad, one day of bad frost one day of sunshine and most days dull .
Stitching I have a new finish , and have been working on my WIPs and a few gifts can't show these just yet .
Well I have made a start on my DH stocking which I will show you next week . It's been hard to stitch and keep it a secret when he looks over I have to stick a book on top .
I may have to work on it when he is out from now on .
I am also stitching away on my UFO and will be until the end of the month and then I will take a rest from it and pick another one up.
My new start is also growing which again will show you next week .
I had my last Christmas meal last Tuesday night with my club and it was so yummy .
So now for me the NEW YEAR really starts .

So here we are with my 2nd Christmas stitching of the new year I started this at the New Year love the sweet chart from Casa Mia .

32 ct and DMC  threads 
And some of Carol's lovely trim she sent me at Christmas time.

                                  I backed it with this lovely material I do love spots .

Lovely Spring mag below I brought this week .


Lovely gifts from my lovely friend Titty from Italy .
Halloween and Christmas 

                                                    Titty made both of these beauties .

 Lovely lace ornament and such beautiful Materials in this box take a look below.

Thank you Titty so much I love everything . 

 And another gift came it was so much like Christmas had come back again .

From my wonderful friend Karen from the USA 

 More Wonderful goodies , and below
Karen those chocolates were so yummy  Love the kit and the tea , beautiful cards 
Lovely scarf and how cute is this picture  it lights up at night and twinkles love it .

Thank you all my friends to everyone who sent me gifts , cards and beautiful emails .
I have had a wonderful holiday Thank You .
Just a quick look outside , Spring is on it's way and there is movement out there.

Have a Happy stitching week my friends and thank you again for all your lovely comments .

Sunday, 7 January 2018


Happy New Year to all my friends near and far.

All the Christmas things are away , apart from a few bits . So I am ready for the New Year .
Yesterday we went to a friends for Nibbles and Noggin and it was very nice .
I have one more Christmas meal to go to with my sewing club then Christmas is really over .

So how have you been hope you are rid of those nasty colds,  so many people here with the flu and colds.

We have had some nasty storms the last week and some nasty frost and ice too.
 But today I was woken up by our Robin again singing a beautiful tune he sings early morning and late at night and today is very sunny but bitter cold.

The bulbs are coming up already and some of my flowers are still flowering so hoping Spring will be here in a couple of months.

I now know what I am stitching this year I am not setting goals because that will not work for me and I don't want to be stressed so this is what I want to do.

Stitch more Christmas ornaments for friends and myself, I would like to stitch one per month but if it does not happen I won't lose sleep over it.

I want to stitch a stocking this year it may take me two years but we will see , this one is for DH a gardening one , I have to kit it up first before I can start it , and can only stitch on it when he is out.

I have a list of Birthday gifts I would like it stitch .

I want to work on my UFOs and will work on one each month .

I have also started a new design for me that I like I do this every January .

And I still want to stitch on paper or plastic each week .

So that's what I will be stitching for this year , and I have already made a start .

I am smiling because the robin is singing again bless him .

 First up My first Christmas stitch.

Maisons Janvier  by Tralala 
Stitched on 32ct with dmc threads 
There are 4 Maisons so Feb,  March and April will be stitched later.

My new start .

Love is a garden .

My first UFO for the month this year will be this one.

 Before .

Already started to work on this one over the holidays.

 Cherry Sampler by Sugar Stitches .

Found this stocking book in my stash , so here is the one I will start this year .

I  thought I could fill it with all kinds of gardening treats like packet of seeds etc .

Look at my orchid plant it is doing so well , it died off last year and it's come back to flower .
The garden is dead but look still flowers are trying to bloom outside 

Have a good week my friends and once again thank you for the wonderful comments you leave me .

Sunday, 31 December 2017


 Hello friends ,
Did you have a lovely Christmas ? I did ,  but a cold left me with no taste and still no taste and all that lovely food I was so looking forward too.
On top of that my crown fell out so a quick visit to the dentist and I was sorted  I was so very lucky they were only open for a few hours .
So I don't think I have put much weight on I think I have lost weight .

I have enjoyed my time at home and we have watched lots of TV I found a series of my books I use to read Cedar Cove , we both enjoyed watching these , we took it in turns my hubby had on what he wanted on when I stitched and I had what I wanted on later.
The weather has not been very nice so sitting by the fire has been enjoyable .
Now I am planning out my stitching year and will let you know what I am planning next time.
But for now here are a few gifts I was so lucky to receive by lovely friends .
But first a little fluffy stitch for Barb.

A little ornament  I stitched up for Barb , I know she loves sheep.

The material is the one I backed it with .

Part of a chart from Homespun Elegance  called Merry Eweies.
Stitched on 28ct green with DMC threads 

Gifts from Nathalie  Thank you so much my friend lots of lovely goodies.

                           From Reba more lovely goodies I have been do spoiled

            I love this chart this will be one on my New Year list. And more from Reba

                                            Wow so much thank you .

                                          More and even more from Reba.

                 Thank you Reba you have been a good friend for so many years , and always spoil me .

                                   Above and below from my friend Barb . Another lovely chart to stitch next year .

I love the heart Barb .

                        Above from little mouse  I have been spoiled again from friends

Above from my friend Nancy a lovely scarf I have worn twice already .

                                   Above and below from my friend Ali , lovely stitched card and wonderful gifts.

                         This is my clubs swap gift from Liz thank you love everything

And below from one of my youngest GGS .
Sent me his little hand prints .

And a pot plant we brought miss my flowers so much.

Thank you to all my followers and readers this year .
Your lovely comments keep me going knowing there are friends out there who enjoy looking at my work and helping each other when we have stitching problems .
Thank you for all the wonderful gifts, charts  and cards this Christmas and throughout  the year .
You are all so very kind just the best friends .
I have made so many friends since blogging and we all care for each other in our ups and down times we are like a extra big family , and pick each other up when we have some life changing times .
I am looking forward to another year blogging and will be back with my New Years stitching plans ,
I try and make each year , sometimes I don't hit my goals or even get started with them but who cares .
I do hit some goals and do get some started , life gets in the way now and again but we start again.
There is just something about getting a new chart and sorting out the colour threads ready to start in these cold winter months and oh boy does it relax you I go into another world and just 30 Min's stitching I feel so good .
Well my friends I would like to wish you all a wonderful  NEW YEAR
Lets hope it's a good one for all , and my friends who are not to well lets hope the doctors can work some magic to make you feel better in 2018 .

Friday, 22 December 2017


 Hello friends , 
Hope you are all getting ready for Christmas , there is always so much to do .
I have caught a cold from my DH so not feeling the best , but getting there,  I will rest up now over Christmas and stay in the warm .
I may even get back to some stitching after a few busy weeks.
So looking forward to picking up my needle and thread again.
I did stitch another little ornament but need to get to finish it over the next few days.

        The Holly Days Stocking by Mill Hill such fun to stitch .
Now I have started to open a few Christmas gifts ,  and I have been so blessed by friends .

First I was so happy to be given an Angel by gracie , so now I own an Angel's from Dennis how blessed am I .

 Thank you so much gracie , I feel very special owning this little angel. It share's a place with my other angels .

And from another lovely friend Vickie , who sent me this sweet ornament I love it so pretty and love the finish .

Thank you Vickie and for the lovely chart I will be stitching it soon.

Two more then I will open more tomorrow and show you in the week.
Beautiful robins below and another gift to open.

From my lovely friend Carol 
Beautiful cross stitch and wonderful finish and lovely chart just love the memo pad and those fab ribbons and charms that are always so handy.
Thank you Carol.

Love the colours Carol .
And from my lovely sweet friend Julie .

Thank you Julie I love the ornament , next year I am going to fill one of my trees with paper and plastic ornaments.
And the card is so sweet.
I love this stitched card from my friend Nancy , thank you my friend.

I will be back with more very soon.

We have been so busy the last few months seeing friends and  family , and all the things that go on over Christmas time .
I am now going to have a rest and enjoy our Christmas and 
New year .
But before I go I want to show you what my daughter brought me from a Christmas market she went to .

What a cute Santa , she brought us another gift but won't let me have it untill Christmas day.

One of my wreaths hanging up this year .
And my reindeer's are back on the fireplace.

This is what one of my ladies Tracie is stitching at my club , I just love it.
Now if Santa is late we know he's been sleeping.

 I will leave you now but first I want to say Thank You , Thank you for your lovely comments this last year , you really are  special friends
Always there for me when we want to chat , we are always there for each when we have our ups and downs .
So thank you my friends and have a blessed Christmas , I may be back before Christmas day if I feel better if not just after .