Sunday, 18 June 2017


 Hello friends , are you enjoying the sunshine? it's been so hot here well up to 90 in our garden and over 120 in my summer house with the door wide open , so  it was too hot for me to sit in there .
So apart from doing a little bit of gardening in the morning I have stayed inside or under cover.
Well my birthday week was a lovely one with seeing lots of friends and family I am so blessed . 
We did get out for lunch twice this week how lovely it was to do no cooking . I could do this every day ha.
I have had some lovely gifts and cards from much loved friends .
Some I will show this week and some next week.  
I have also  felt allot of sadness these last few weeks we lost a couple of our friends.
Some of my friends are having such a bad time with health issues too and one of our bloging friends is also having a very sad time .
Our country is also having more sadness with loss of lives after a terrible fire. So yes it is hard not to feel  the sadness.
Thank you everyone for such lovely and kind comments about my blog and I know you enjoy seeing my sewing and my garden so I hope to bring you some sunshine into your lives.

So I start with a little card I made for gracie I stitched a little girl this time on plastic and I really loved how it stitched up, I don't have the name of this design but I think it was from an old US mag. 

Please send a prayer for our friend gracie .

My WIP 3 Vera Mouse.
You can see her little shoe almost .

                                                       WIP 1 

You must think I am made but I want to start another WIP 
And bring back a couple more WIPs so you don't get fed up looking at the same ones .
 Just want to thank my lovely friends for spoiling me with so many goodies I will show you over the next few weeks .
So don't worry if you don't see them all today .
Also the handmade and stitched cards I will show to in a few weeks time.
 Ok in no order, here are some lovely goodies .

 From my sweet friend Margaret no blog 
Thank you so much .

From another sweet friend Reba no blog from USA
Thank you .
The dmc threads will be used this week ha. 

From our lovely Barb she knows me so well a nice gift voucher for my garden , and just look what she made for me BLESS .

                                                   Oh Barb I just love it 

And inside so much work went into this .
Thank you Barb.
So ok you all know my age now I really don't know how I got here the other year a was only 50 then I blinked and was 60 closed my eyes and  now 70 ! I think I will keep them open from now on .

From my sweet friend Shirley  no blog wait until I show you the card she made me next time  .
Thank you .

                                 From my sweet friend Nathalea no blog from France
                                                                      Thank you .

Well it is getting much hotter and I must leave you 
I need to help DH jet wash my cane furniture down 
And do my round of dead heading the flowers before lunch .
My roses are starting to bud up again and my sweet peas are just coming into flower.
So I will leave you with one rose saved this last week.
Have a wonderful week be good and happy stitching .
I will be back showing you more goodies I received .
Bless you all.

Rose time .

Saturday, 10 June 2017


  Well hello my dear friends, 
Since my last post we had a few Gails that smashed my garden to bits , so if it stops raining tomorrow I need to get outside and tidy up.
We have had another busy week but things will be slowing down a bit now . 
I made another Christmas gift for a sewing friend I love stitching on paper , and want to stitch allot more on paper .
I already knew what I wanted to do , I wanted to stitch a card , gift and ornament all in one and I think it worked and it will cut down the cost of postage.
So this is what I made .

                          A card , gift  and a ornament 
Free chart found Here 

 Well I have picked up another WIP I have so many but wanted to stitch something to get my mojo going again and here is one.

I have had this one for ages and I do love it I lost it and just found it again so yes I could not wait to start it again.
Last time  

And today .

Also a few stitches on my sweet cross stitch girl .

She's coming along and she is so happy to be stitching her rose.
Oh dear we were in the path of a few bad Gales last week and it ripped through our garden , our roses were looking so beautiful . 
But we only have a few left on my pink one I need to cut it back , to encourage more new growth for next month.
 My garden is pink everywhere , you would love it Vickie  pink paths .

 Lots of plants ripped apart and knocked to the floor.

                    Rose heads just ripped off the bushes.
                            But there you go that's nature .
Things will be better once we get outside and repair the damage .
 It's a good job we have many roses and this one is just coming out.

                          Some flowers stayed strong 

So after a good tidy up in the next few days we will be back to normal.
Thank you again for your lovely comments .
Wishing you all a wonderful week .
I will catch up with you all very soon.

Sunday, 4 June 2017


Hello Friends ,
Well I wake up to another very sad day for our country .

But the good of others is over whelming . 
My heart goes out to the injured and families yet again. 
 We need to carry on and not have our lives stopped for the few.
They will never stop us , we are strong and will always be.


So forward and onward , hope you all had a good week .
I have been working on my two WIPS  and other sewing .
 so first up here is a peep of ?

   Sugar Stitches , Cherry Sampler , stitched on 28 ct natural .
                            dmc threads .

And a little more on my other WIP.

I am still stitching on some smalls  which I will be showing soon.

Now I told you the other week I had fruit on my Kiwi,
well these little balls opened up into flowers  ! and the bees have been all over them . This is the first time my plant has flowered in 7 years. so I am still talking to my plant hoping to see fruit in the Autumn.
Here are the flowers.

Look they started to open .

And the next day they were out.

Also our first tomato from the small var .

Our 5th &6th cucumbers  

 And as always my garden flowers.

Not a good day today it's raining hard at the moment.
Hope we see a little sunshine later.
Thank you friends for the lovely comments .
Always lovely to have you visit .

Sunday, 28 May 2017


Hi there friends , 
It's been warm and sunny this week a little windy too.
Everyone of my roses are now blooming , I am rushing to do the gardening,  flowers are popping up before my eyes .
Do you believe in talking to your flowers I do .
This story is so true I had brought a Kiwi fruit tree 7 years ago and it never fruited , so I told my DH we need to buy a female one but how do you know if they don't say on the package .
Anyway I brought one a week ago and popped it next to my other one and I told my DH if it has no fruit in the next two years you can cut them  both down. 
The very next day ! I have fruit I called out to my hubby and he just could not believe it , I will show you photos next week when I take my camera back outside.
So there you go ,  plants have ears so try talking to them .
                            ------------  ⚘ ------------

Here are my two Wips can't show anything else at the moment.

                   I will let you know next week what my design is called  

                          Just a little more stitched on this one

           First cucumber , I have cut another three they are growing like crazy.

Lots of blooms out every where the garden is bursting out .


Thank you again for the lovely comments and I am hoping to catch up with you all very soon.
I have almost planted all the plants out that I had grown this year I can sit back and enjoy now , just going to stitch for an hour .
I am getting withdrawal moods I need to do more stitching  ha.
Have a lovely week .