Saturday, 26 December 2015

Relaxing time.

Hello friends , hope you are enjoying the holidays  , It's been a mad few weeks,
 a great Christmas Eve and  Christmas Day.
And now a few days to relax and be merry .
I love to see all my family and friends .
And exchange gifts and some festive TV.

Now I can't wait to get into some stitching .
I have already kitted up loads of stitching last Autumn and now I am free to get the big box empty in the next few months ha, before I start in my garden again. 
So after we eat I will be stitching away with a glass of champagne , which my DD brought me yesterday tied to a large balloon .
But just wanted to show you some stitching I gave out to friends and some gifts received.

So first up a gift to my sweet friend Titty.

           This was a free kit from one of my old Magazines.

And to our lovely friend Carol.
From Grande Histoire de Noel 
By Les Brodeuses Parisiennes.
Stitched on 28 cnt using DMC threads.

And from the same chart to my dear friend Ann.

And again the same chart for my lovely friend Karen 

And below this one was for sweet Barb but I forgot to take a photo of the finish so please look at Barb blog in the future weeks.

This one was from S/Creek mag Summer 2014 friendly Beasts 
Stitched on 28 cnt Bone and dmc threads.

And I would like to say thank for all my beautiful gifts from my dear friends I will show you some this post and some the next post.

From my wonderful friend Reba , thank you so much such beautiful goodies.

From my lovely friend and your friend dear Michelle.

                                                More wonderful gifts,  my sweet friends are so kind thank you
                         I will be playing with all my wonderful goodies over the Christmas Holidays .

From a great friend Barb  look at the beautiful book mark 
And all these wonderful gifts thank you sweet friend .

                   From another wonderful friend Lyn , such wonderful gifts thank you

From another sweet and lovely friend Nancy .
More beautiful gifts
Thank you you are all so kind.

I have many more wonderful gifts that are still on my camera for the next post .
I want to say a BIG Thank You to all my wonderful friends from far and near , my life is so full with so many beautiful friends .
Also a big welcome to new followers and the many lovely comments you leave for me thank you.
It's been a good year and also a sad year for some , what will next year hold for us ?
I really hope it will be a good one for all , but I know there will be some sadness and challenges   , but it's how we handle this .
Some times we are sent many challenges but it will make us stronger and I know if we have faith we can cope with all the negatives in life .
Let us all have a wonderful New Year in 2016 and I am wishing good luck to you all and hope all your wishes and dreams come true. 


  1. Wow everything looks fantastic! I love the sheep for barb, it's so swirly and cute :)

  2. Wow! So many beautiful gifts! Happy stitching ! Happy Holidays!

  3. Merry Christmas hope you had a lovely day I like the sound of the champagne and stitching but I'd probably have to unpick it the next day lol. Such lovely gifts I laughed at the plaque that says some of my friends are flakes lol enjoy the rest of the weekend xxx

  4. Merry Christmas. You gave and received so many pretty and wonderful gifts. You have so many great projects to look forward to. Wow.

  5. beautiful gifts :) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year xoxo

  6. Beautiful gifts my dear friend
    Merry Christmas hugs x

  7. Oh June, my friend! You are very well loved by us all. ♥ Such lovely gifts!
    Happy New Year!

  8. Nice to read your Christmas time is good and relaxing!!You received so lovely presents!!All the best for new year!!

  9. Wow, so many wonderful christmas gifts.
    Happy New Year, Manuela

  10. So many lovely gifts!
    Have a wonderful holiday season

  11. So many superb gifts you have sent and received from your friends.
    Wishing you a wonderful 2016
    (Hugs) xx

  12. Wonderful gifts
    It is a very beautiful Christmas

  13. All so pretty gifts you have stitched! Lots of wonderful goodies from your friends. Looking forward to more of your beautiful pieces next year:)

  14. So glad you had a nice Christmas June and your photos are lovely xxx

  15. So many lovely presents, you must be an amazing lady to have so many thoughtful friends. Happy new year . x

  16. Dear june, I opened your present on 25th december and I loved it!! I love the felt bird and the kitchen towel too, with a festive cupcake, really elegant and yummmy! thank you so much. I see that Santa has been good with you too, and I am so happy about it! wonderful friends make our life special and full of love. lots of love!!!! titty p. from italy

  17. It still feels like Christmas on your blog! What lovely makes for your friends and you have received plenty of sweet gifts too. Enjoy!

  18. love your blog sis, love all the gifts and stitching. hugs

  19. What lovely stitching by you and friends!
    Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

  20. Beautiful ornaments finished . Enjoy your gifts.

  21. Oh my, June, you stitched such wonderful little gifts for your friends. They are all so beautiful and certainly warmed the hearts of the recipients. And great things that you received for Christmas.
    I'm sure you had a great time with your family over Christmas. And now it's on to stitching. It's the same here and I am frantically stitching on my last piece for this year that I want to finish as fast as possible. And there will be new things in the new year.

  22. The little dove you have stitched is very pretty and so are the "French stitchies"...thank you for viiting my little blog.I wish you all the Blessings from above to the coming year 2016 :)

  23. Dear June,
    happy to read that you enjoyed some relaxing time - I did it too the last days.
    You are showing wonderful wonderful little treasures. Both the gifts you made and the ones you received are amazing! Such a pretty collection of little love-made things!
    Enjoy the days "between the years"

  24. Thank you for always sharing what is going on in your life, both stitching and gardening (which are my faves also!) May 2016 be a blessed year! Hugs!

  25. What wonderful gifts and wonderful friends.....given to a wonderful lady.

  26. So many wonderful, pretty gifts.

    Happy 2016.

  27. So many wonderful gifts, all so pretty =)
    Your ornaments are beautiful! Love the ribbon you used on the second ornament, with the boy. All finishes look so pretty! Congrats :)
    hugs&smiles to you

  28. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas June!
    What lovely ornaments you gifted.
    You gifts from stitching friends are amazing too, so lovely!
    Wishing you all the best in 2016!
    Happy new Year!

  29. What lovely and wonderful Christmas stitchings!

    I whish you all the best for 2016, may the new year full of happiness and health


  30. Everything is so pretty and beautiful.
    I wish Happy New Year to you!

  31. Beautiful gifts and lovely stitches. Have a happy new year.

  32. What a beautifull gifts!!
    You made beautifull ornaments. great job on them