Sunday, 24 April 2016


 Hello sweet friends , well another week passed by  so fast .
I hope you all had a lovely one and are still  enjoying your weekend.
Thank you for all the wonderful comments you make me feel so very happy when I share my stitching with you all.
This week very busy again I was also a little under the weather ( not feeling my best ) .
And the pain in my hand is back again it is very weak my fault in using it to much .
Hope I can get to rest it more this week I am fine with sewing but not so good lifting or twisting .

Well they said it would be a cold day today but it is lovely and sunny so they were so wrong.

I am sorry I am way behind on my blog reading this week but I will catch up over this next week , what
with all the family , and appointments and what is going on right now here , free time is hard to find but I can see some free time this week coming.

Yesterday I went to a show with my good friends spent way to much money on more goodies  .
But I had a happy day.

 The lovely Angela and I have started our SAL together we are only stitching 3 lengths of strands each day because of our other stitching commitments , but this is how I stitch on all my works just 3 lenghts of strands per day that's why I am the Butterfly lady I flit from one to another .

You will be amazed how much you can stitch just doing this .

But first our sweet friend Carol sent me this beautiful chart for my birthday last year and I have just got around to finishing it I stitched it ages ago and I pulled it out from my basket of to finish item's .

                       Carol also sent me the fabric and floss and what beautiful colours.

                     I think it was 28ct and DMC threads

Such a cute bird he would make a lovely design on his own too.

                                    I have left the pins in for now to stick down the band.


 And here is one of my SALs that I am stitching with Angela.

Stitching on a grey 32ct.
Will show more of this next week .
21 thread length's 
Goodies brought back from the show.

 If you are still with me ,would you like to walk into the garden and see what is going on out there.
Every day I see new growth.

Well I could show you allot more but I think I need to get a bit of stitching in.
Have a lovely week my friends .
Until next week Happy Stitching to you all.


  1. Hi Sis, I just love your garden, so many wonderful flowers to look at. I would sit in your garden all day and enjoy every fragrance of all your flowers. I love the pillow so beautiful. hugs

  2. Beautiful heart. I love your garden, amazing pictures

  3. A lovely little heart.
    Wonderful photos from your garden.
    Have a nice week, Manuela

  4. Hi June, your garden looks amazing!! Considering its only April!! I love the finish of your heart - finishing off is something I need to work on. My needle hasn't been picked up in ages i must get that sorted!! Enjoy your show goodies a fine selection there :-) xxx hugs xx

  5. Beautiful pictures and progress :)

  6. Hello your garden is so magic full of flower green and funny animals!!really I love the hearth compliments for it!!have happy new week

  7. What a beautiful heart finish, the design is lovely. I really like your English Roses on the gray fabric better than my white but I will continue. Great new stash from the show. I'll email later tonight :)

  8. Your garden is beautiful. What a riot of colors. Your stitching is great. How did you do the side woven band on the heart. I love the way it looks.

  9. Your garden is beautiful, so much further on than ours up north. I love the heart you made from Carol's chart, such a nice finish.
    best wishes
    Diana x

  10. Congrats on the gorgeous finish June.


  11. How I like to get lost in this blog! <3 <3 <3

  12. Oh what a gorgeous,little pillow you finished off. I am sorry you are having some pain my dear. Enjoy that lovely garden.

  13. Beautiful stitching & finishing!!
    Love your new goodies and have fun wit the beautiful SAL!!

  14. Your finished piece looks lovely and so is your garden once again!AriadnefromGreece!

  15. Dear June,
    I love your finish - these colours are totally mine and I really love all the details you made on it.
    And oh how wonderful your garden blooms. I really enjoyed seeing the picutures - your garden is so amazing!
    Have a wonderful new week!


  16. Beautiful heart!

  17. From the Heart...what a sweet design and beautiful finish!

  18. I do like your special heart, you have made it up beautifully. x

  19. Like be your gardens...and what sweet stitching.

  20. I love walking through your beautiful garden :o)
    And oh my goodness... what a beautiful finish you did for such a gorgeous design :o)
    What a great way to do a SAL - 3 lengths of thread a day... nice new start!
    Hugs xx

  21. Oh wow very beautiful post
    I love flowers and garden and adore your stitching

  22. Very pretty stitching and finishing and it was delightful again walk around your garden, it is so beautiful.

  23. I hope you are having a better week this week, June. Is your hand still hurting? That must be so hard when it comes to stitching. But, you've finished the little bird pillow so beautifully--I'm thrilled that you enjoyed the chart. I thought you might with that darling bird on it :) The blue ribbon and little Love tag finish it off so nicely, too...

    Lovely flowers--you are really a true gardener! And all that new stash--enjoy!! We don't have craft shows like that around here, unfortunately.

    You take care now--rest that hand!

  24. I love the blue and brown of your latest stitch, June, and you finished it beautifully! Gorgeous garden photos.

  25. Beautiful heart and goodies !love your garden!

  26. Your garden always brightens the day, I hope your hand is much better now. Love your pretty finish and start:)

  27. il cuore è bellissimo, mi piacciono tanto i colori e come l'hai rifinito

  28. Such a beautiful post again. Your little heart has been stitched and finished beautifully. And as for you new stash - wow! :)

  29. Your new stash is wonderful- I see you picked some John James petite needles -they are my favourites too! The stitched heart is georgeous and you finished it totally professionally...ohhhh- I SO admire your stitching and finishing skills! :) The garden is pretty and especially I like your primroses ..we do not have then here ..In the moment there is only some Scillas in bloom I still have to wait a month to see my daffodils :)

  30. Such a beautiful garden and your heart with the bird finish is just stunning! I hope that the pain in your hand goes away very soon.

  31. Such a lovely post again, dear June. With so much to see and to admire. That little heart that you stitched is finished so beautifully with all the little details that you added. And you made such good progress on your SAL piece with Angela. Three lengths of thread seem to work perfectly for you.
    Whenever we go to a craft show we always bring back new stash, don't we? I rarely have the chance to visit a craft fair as there aren't many around here. You found some nice things.
    I hope that your hand hasn't become worse since you wrote this blog post.
    Wonderful pictures from your garden. I always love to have a look at your flowers.

  32. Very beautiful are your works, dear Butterfly, but also your purchases.
    Wonderful your garden with flowers of spring!
    Ciao ciao Susanna

  33. Love the Plum Pudding Needleart designs, and that one is beautiful! You did a beautiful finishing job also... Spring has certainly come to your garden! Beautiful!! Hugs!

  34. Love the Plum Pudding Needleart designs, and that one is beautiful! You did a beautiful finishing job also... Spring has certainly come to your garden! Beautiful!! Hugs!

  35. You did a wonderfull job on teh gift you got from Carol!!
    So pretty!!
    That garden pic.. wonderfull as always!!