Saturday, 22 October 2016


Hello friends, 
Well I must say it is a lovely Autumn day today .
Fresh but sunny. 

Thank you for your lovely comments it is always good to hear from you all.

Well this week I worked on another Christmas ornament and a WIP, time is still a little short but I am stitching away when I can.
 So we start off with an old chart I have had in my sock for ages and I have two big box's of free magazine charts so I need to get stitching on them .

              This was such fun to stitch and finish .
          I thought I would try and make it into a mitten .
               What do you think ? not bad for a first try.
                             And below the back.

Seraphina Christmas card kit free from 
Cross/Stitcher 1998.
I stitched it on 28ct cream with DMC threads.

The WIP I stitched on this week was 
Garden Lasses "Lucy" 
By Lesley Teare

          This is the one I won from our lovely friend Mii.

 I had club this last week and one of my lovely friends Mo made me this .

She is always spoiling me and this is the second one of Sunny Sue she made for me , I love it so cute.

               Before I start showing AUTUMN pics here are a few more holiday photos.

After breakfast when we would walk back to our room We would count these little fellows .
We had a side each and we would see who the winner was , 
I must say I had the best eye for them.

Our lovely friend Pedro sharing is chocolate with us , 
he worked in the entertainment team . He was dressed ready for his Charlie and the chocolate factory .
Ron would always join in the archery and table tennis and he won us two nice bottles of champagne we are saving for our Christmas dinner party.
Have a lovely week all and enjoy this sunshine if you have it .

Saturday, 15 October 2016


Hello friends ,
Hope you are enjoying a good weekend , here it has just started to rain , and we had some heavy rain last night .
Well this morning we got our flu jabs , I wonder if they will be better than last years ? 

I have had a busy week catching up and I am almost back to normal .
I have been stitching a little and have another ornament to show you and a few more holiday photos.

But first thank you for the lovely comments and it's good to be back home.

I have lots of stitching ready but not finished so in the winter months I want to finish them I have been looking at different blogs to see how to finish , and I am hoping to get better at this and not keep doing the same finish. 
So watch the space for different finishes by me ha .
But for now here is a very quick finish , with not having lots of free time.

I have taken this one from Shabby Advent Calendar 
                                 by Cuoree Batticuore 

                               Stitched on 32 ct grey 

I have stitch a few of these this week but need to finish them .

One night on holiday we did a 10 hour trip 
Teide by night .
We went up the third tallest volcano in the world .
We were way above the clouds and I must say it was so cold .
We had a glass of cava to see in the sunset , then a 3 course meal and after we watched the stars at night .
That was fantastic and I saw two shooting stars .
Our professional star guild , showed us almost every star .
Tenerife is know for stargazing and home to a famous observatory situated in the summit .

The sunset was beautiful.

Above the clouds at 7000ft  

You can see where the last eruption was , the Teide is still alive.

Our guide

Even a little church was there . 
The air was very thin but it was so clean.
Sorry we could not take photos at night .
This is another one to take off my bucket list .

Well more stitching next week have a good week .
Oh no flowers here are a few bye for now.

                                 Still a few flowers left , before the frosts come along.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016


Hello friends ,
Well we are back after a few weeks away on holiday , feel good and rested and ready to go again. 
It is always nice to get away but so good to get back .
No sewing or Internet ! this was hard for me but we really needed the rest .
Can't wait to sort out my sewing later I have loads I want to get started on , but need to sort out some Christmas sewing first.
While away I have another new GGS so can't wait to see him soon.
Our calendar is full this month so it is going to be a busy one but I will still find time for my stitching .
Well we are well into Autumn and Christmas is just around the corner.
So thought I had better pop in to say hello .
Before I get bogged down with all my washing and ironing.
So here is a little Christmas ornament I stitched before we jetted off .

I am working away on lots of other Christmas ornaments and hope to be back with another at the weekend.
So for now a few holiday flowers and photos  .

 I really wish we could grow these flowers outside but only inside here in the UK.

Now we are back home I am so cold and we had our first frost this morning , so we are trying to get use  to the temps.
I just made a lovely veg and bacon soup with crusty bread to warm us up.
I have allot of catching up with all your blogs , but hope to get to all by the end of the week .
Happy Autumn to you al .

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Goodbye to Summer

Hello my lovely followers , how are we today.
Well what a busy two weeks I have had and the rest of  this month will be busy and so will October.
So this will only be a short post I am really just popping in to say hi and thank you for the lovely comments  from last time .
I have been grabbing a few moments to stitch when I fall into my chair at the end of the day .
So no finishing to show only an autumn stitch and the WIP I stitched on last week .
I am also stitching a few more small giveaways to give out through out the year  to my dear followers I will let you know soon who won the last time .

The last few days are feeling more like Autumn so it's goodbye to Summer and hello to Autumn.
We have been taking lots of plants out ready for bulbing next month , and it will be time to pack the furniture away into the summer house soon.

We did take time to have lunch out one day and you could see the trees are turning colour and on the way the leaves are just falling .
So what better than to show you a little Autumn stitch still need to find someway to finish it yet .

Part of the " Autumn in Quit " design by Cuore Batticuore .  I am looking forward to finishing this one soon , I have to find the right materials first.

I stitched a little on one of my WIPs growing slowly.

"Au coeur du Jarden " de Passion Bonheur.

I have a new GGS arriving in October , I am knitting a blanket but It will be Christmas before I have it finished , so I brought a little pram blanket almost the same colours that I am knitting in.
They live a walking distant from the beach and the seaside so had to buy this one.

I spotted Peter rabbit on a market stall when we were out one day , well he needed a new home ! 

  The garden will be sleeping soon so lets just pop out and see whats out today.

Lots of Autumn colours at the moment but wait under the arch I see roses.

Ha this is a late second flush .
Well that's it from me this week . I will be watching the football later this afternoon my faviorite team Chelsea are playing and maybe some stitching .
But before lunch I need to do some sorting out upstairs .
Have a lovely Sunday everyone. 

Monday, 29 August 2016


Hello my friends from far and near .
Hope you had a good week , we did ,  we had some time with our family this last week and it was wonderful to see how the GGC are growing up .
 They grow up so fast today .

Yesterday we were at the motor show and we got so wet but it was so much fun.
Now today is beautiful warm and sunny !

Today I will show you what I stitched last week and yes some late summer photos of the garden and the WIP I worked on last week.
So first up my WIP .

 And here is how it looks now.
The designer is the lovely Maryse.

Now here is a giveaway with a twist anyone that left me a comment on my ---last post--- yes that's right on the last post. 

Will have a chance of winning the next two giveaways .
Now I will be doing this at  different times of the year ,  giving out lots of small gifts to say thank you if you want to win don't miss out next time.

I just want to give out to my blogger friends who week after week are always here for me.

You don't even need to have a blog .
I will pull the names out after I have posted this blog and if I don't have your address I will email you back.

But if I do have your address I will just post to you and let everyone know the winners once you receive your gifts .
Like I said I will be doing this lots of times in the next 12 months.
So if you are not in it you won't win it .

So here is the first giveaway .

I have put in real lavender in to the bag from this years garden .
Smells wonderful.
   And my 2nd giveaway the chart to enjoy and stitch.
      It was a freebie from a magazine and was lovely to stitch .

   So now if you want to take my hand we will wonder into the late summer garden.


 Thank you to all who left me comments, I know allot of you come over to look , but I would love to hear your thoughts and get to know you better .
   Have a great new week , it is still the weekend here because of a bank holiday .